Marilisa becomes Dr. Marilisa Doing away with membranes from the chloralkali process [1]
The Optics Laboratory writes 3D flexible waveguides in PDMS [1] [2] [3] [4] The 2018 Optics Laboratory Christmas tree lighting ceremony
Morteza becomes Dr. Morteza The Optics Laboratory Learns to See through 1km multimode optical fibers [1] [2] [3]
Journée des Classes 2018: The Optics Laboratory introduces the next generation of scientists to ‘Lasers and Liquids’ [Link] 50 Years of Fourier Optics: The Optics Laboratory celebrates the 50th anniversary of Goodman’s classic textbook [Link]
Inertial manipulation of bubbles in micro-channels:Article published as cover story in Lab on a Chip The Optics Laboratory wishes Alexandre Goy all the best and success for his new MIT adventure
Scientists see inside a sealed testament from the State Archives of Venice using EPFL technology, interview with Fauzia Albertin: [Link] The 2017 Optics Laboratory Christmas tree lighting ceremony
Eirini Kakkava wins the best poster award at the EPFL’s Photonics Day for her work on an ‘Ultrathin fiber probe for femto second laser ablation’ Mohammad becomes
Dr. Mohammad
Nico’s last day High-efficiency solar-hydrogen generators: Article about our work in EurekAlert; available here
Optofluidics of plants: Article about our work in EurekAlert; available here Prizes and Awards: The Optical Society named Prof. Demetri Psaltis as recipient of the Joseph Fraunhofer Award – Robert M. Burley Prize
Multimode fiber two-photon imaging: Report concerning our work published in Nature Photonics Multimode fiber imaging: Paper published in OPN!
Imaging with Multimode Fibers
Learning using examples: Article about our work in Nature! Machine learning for 3D microscopy. EPFL’s 1500th invention: Multimode fiber microscope for seeing cells in vivo
Laser ablation: Report concerning our laboratory published in Nature Photonics Membrane-less electrolyser: Article published as cover story by Energy & Environmental Science